Surprising number of people have left work early or called in sick because of bad skin

A survey of 2,000 Americans examined the emotions and attributes that make people feel self-conscious about their appearance — and revealed 59% aren’t comfortable in their skin.

The survey uncovered that what ultimately killed respondents’ confidence included overall body image (68%) and skin issues (67%) — as well as ill-fitting clothes (64%) and social media (58%).

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Massage Envy, results found even memories from childhood can have long-term effects on self-esteem.

Forty-six percent of respondents experienced skin problems in their youth and, of those, 81% admitted it still plagues their confidence today.

And people are so desperate to never have a breakout again they’d go to some pretty extreme lengths to keep their skin permanently clear.

Thirty-seven percent of respondents would relive high school or never eat chocolate again, while 35% would even be willing to lay down $1,000 cash each year to keep their skin glowing and fresh.

Hypothetical extremes aside, a bad skin day can have real-life consequences.

Fifty-seven percent of respondents left work early or skipped work due to a bad skin day, while 50% have left or skipped a date and 45% have left or skipped school or a party due to skin issues.

Of those people who have opted out of social activities because of a blemish emergency, the average person will skip four events every year.

The most common skin problems respondents face are acne (40%), eczema (38%), inflammation (32%), seborrheic dermatitis (27%) and eye bags (27%).

“People shouldn’t have to suffer from the lack of confidence skin issues can cause,” said Diana Morrison, licensed esthetician and Sr. Manager of Service Development at Massage Envy. “It’s important to remember that breakouts and wrinkles don’t define you and that who you are comes from within.

“As you can see, skin issues like acne are common and can have long-lasting impacts on self-confidence.”

The struggle for clear skin is real, since nearly 70% of those surveyed said it has taken a long time to find a skin routine that actually does the job.

The skincare lineup for most still isn’t totally effective. Of those polled, 65% consistently change the products they use, which ultimately leads to wasted cash.

Another 65% have also wasted money on skincare products that bombed and didn’t work.

Some chemicals and ingredients have wreaked havoc on respondents, as 67% report being concerned that the products they use are hurting their skin.

Nearly three in five (58%) respondents have a troubling mantra for their skincare journey: “no pain, no gain,” and believe the most effective treatments are supposed to hurt.

With so many options, over half of respondents (64%) feel lost and have no idea what they’re doing in terms of skincare.

Nearly six in 10 (62%) think they need professional guidance to remedy their skin, but 58% are too embarrassed by their current skin condition to make an appointment.

“Effectively treating your skin requires using the right combination of professional services, home care products and expertise,” Morrison said. “This is an opportunity to really lead the conversation — and say, you’re not alone in this, we’re here to help you find the best solutions and to offer the guidance you may need to love the skin you’re in.”

Take Massage Envy’s skincare “types” quiz to see where you fit in.

1. Overall body image 68%
2. Skin issues 67%
3. Ill-fitting clothes 64%
4. Have a bad day 63%
5. Social media 58%
6. Comparison to celebrities 57%
7. Rude people 56%

1. Never eat chocolate again 37%
2. Relive high school 37%
3. Sit through five-hour chemistry lecture 37%
4. Pay $1k a year 35%
5. Lose one hour of sleep for a year 31%
6. Give up caffeine forever 19%

1. Overall skin condition 52%
2. Hair 43%
3. Wrinkles 43%
4. Breakouts 41%
5. Nails/manicure 41%
6. Overall body image 38%
7. Dull/dry skin 36%
8. Weight 33%

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