These are the most common workplace priorities

  • Money/salary (76%)
  • Health care plan through their company (58%)
  • Flexible working (the ability to work from home/work hybrid) (55%)
  • The working environment (whether in an office or at home, etc.) (55%)
  • The job itself (enjoying what it is they do) (54%)
  • Having job security (54%)
  • Working for a company whose values they agree with (52%)
  • Retirement plan/401(k) through their company (52%)
  • Working for a company that gives back (52%)
  • Responsibility (50%)
  • Having “green”/sustainable initiatives (49%)
  • Opportunities for career development/growth (49%)
  • Having new challenges in their role (49%)
  • Relationship with colleagues (48%)
  • Having a diverse workplace (48%)
  • Receiving regular recognition (46%)



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