These are the craziest locations Americans have hid candy

Do you ever catch yourself hiding candy? Turns out you’re not alone, according to new research.

In fact, 59 percent of Americans reported that their sweet tooth got the best of them and they’ve hidden candy at some point in their lives.

The top person to hide the sweet stuff from? Their significant others (52 percent), closely followed by their children (51 percent).

The survey asked 2,000 Americans about their candy-hiding habits and found a quarter admitted to sneaking a piece that didn’t belong to them.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of HI-CHEW, the survey asked respondents what their reasoning was behind their secret snacking — and what lengths they’ve gone to in order to keep the good stuff hidden.

The top reason people hide candy from loved ones is the worry they’ll eat it all before respondents get a chance to enjoy the sweets themselves.

Four in 10 respondents also take solace in hiding candy just to have a moment of peace and quiet when they eat it.

Another 24 percent of respondents said they would rather keep their candy to themselves.

One in three say they’ve got candy stashed in their dresser, with 22 percent saying they’ve got some candy secretly stowed on top of the fridge.

“The best thing about candy is that it can be enjoyed by anyone at any time,” said Tatsuya Takamiya, Chief Marketing Officer of Morinaga America, Inc. “With HI-CHEW, it’s easy enough to grab a stick of your favorite flavor or pick-up a peg bag filled with a fruity assortment to create moments of happiness wherever you are.”

Some respondents admitted to going to creative lengths in order to keep their sweets hidden.

From a hollowed-out book to a broken game console or a non-functioning hallway light, Americans choose some rather unique hiding places.

One brilliant respondent shared their most successful hiding spot even had a two-level security system: The first step was placing their candy inside a box of health food bars, then hiding said box behind dish towels in their kitchen drawer.

Another respondent even shared locking away sweets in their personal safe.

Respondents agreed that the stakes are raised with high-quality candy as well; as 57 percent said they’re more likely to hide that extra good stuff from their loved ones.


  1. Their partner/significant other 52%
  2. Their child/children 51%
  3. Their co-workers 31%
  4. Their roommate/roommates 28%


  1. A high cabinet 32%
  2. Their dresser 32%
  3. Their desk 26%
  4. Their closet 24%
  5. Above the fridge 22%
  6. In their bag 22%
  7. In their car 18%
  8. Under their bed 10%

(responses may have been edited for length and/or clarity)

  • I have a book with a hollowed-out compartment that sits on the bookshelf among the other real books
  • I have hidden [candy] in the basement so I can snack when I do laundry
  • In a broken game console
  • The safe in my home office
  • Inside a box with health food bars and behind the dish towels in the drawer
  • A box of noodles
  • A coffee cup
  • In a non-functional hallway light covering

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