The top signs you’re an adventurous person, according to research

4 min readAug 12, 2019


A new study conducted by OnePoll on behalf of wine region Rías Baixas Wines explored what defines adventurousness for Americans. (Photo by Holly Mandarich on Unsplash)

Embracing new experiences, being spontaneous and showing curiosity about other cultures number among the top signs you’re an adventurous person, according to new research.

These signs you’re adventurous come from a survey of 2,000 Americans which found trying new foods and living in the moment also score high marks on the list.

The new study, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of wine region Rías Baixas Wines (pronounced Ree-as By-shuss,) also revealed that three in four Americans (76 percent) do consider themselves to be adventurous.

For example, 54 percent of respondents actually say they’re open to new experiences, and 46 percent say they’re actually curious about other cultures.

The study also showed that Americans spend $2,075.28 every year on “adventurous activities” and peak “adventurousness” occurs at age 34.

But the results showed that there are some “adventurous” traits that Americans admit to lacking.

Four in 10 consider themselves to be spontaneous, while only one in three say they have a life outside of work.

But it’s not like they don’t have any adventurous tendencies; the average respondent says they seek out six new experiences every month.

That being said, the survey also found that the average American feels an adventurous person seeks out seven new experiences every month.

The average respondent also tries six new foods a month, which, again, is just one shy of the adventurous person (seven), according to the results, and qualifying as an adventurous person also means having gone on at least six trips abroad.

That doesn’t mean Americans aren’t pushing themselves, as the large majority (68 percent) say they wish they were more adventurous.

In fact, three in four (77 percent) say that when they push themselves to be more adventurous, it actually makes them feel happier.

Americans aren’t without their fair share of adventures, however. The survey found that 47 percent of Americans have gone on a spontaneous domestic trip out of the blue, with another 41 percent saying they’ve done the same internationally.

Nearly half (42 percent) have up and moved across the country at some point in their lives, and another 36 percent have switched careers.

But, interestingly, 61 percent of Americans surveyed say they’re waiting for retirement before they finally give adventure a proper go.

“It’s fitting that by and large wine drinkers consider themselves more adventurous than non-wine drinkers,” said Eva A. Mínguez Lobato, Marketing Director of the Consejo Regulador (or Denomination of Origin) of Rías Baixas Wines. “In Rías Baixas, wine is closely tied to living an adventurous life. It’s something to enjoy in moderation with family and friends for a range of fulfilling experiences, from our coastal Atlantic gastronomy and culture to cycling, boating and walking the world-famous Camino de Santiago.”


  1. Being open to new experiences 73%
  2. Being spontaneous 63%
  3. Always down to try new things 62%
  4. Excited about new opportunity 62%
  5. Being curious about other cultures 61%
  6. Trying new food 61%
  7. They follow their dreams 60%
  8. Being sociable 58%
  9. Always planning their next trip 57%
  10. They live in the moment 57%


  • Going snorkeling in the Florida Keys with sharks and barracuda around
  • Came to this country without knowing anyone or knowing the language
  • Climbed a mountain
  • Going to the thick forest all by myself
  • Hitchhiked from N.Y. to California
  • Visited Chernobyl
  • I moved across the country with less than 24 hours notice to pursue a business opportunity
  • Left my job to follow my dreams
  • Went to live in the Hague to do an internship abroad.
  • Taken a 137-night around-the-world voyage by cruise ship

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