Taking road trips during 2020 has helped many Americans escape the stresses of this year

New research conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Gumout reveals American drivers are getting behind the wheel to reduce some stress this year (Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash).

Since the pandemic began, people have been looking for ways to reduce their stress — and according to new research, they’re taking road trips as a solution.

In a poll of 2,000 American drivers, 69% stated that taking road trips in 2020 has helped them — to some degree — forget about the stresses of the year. It seems a road trip is a great way to escape.

Nearly a third (31%) said they’ve taken a road trip in 2020 just to avoid flying, no matter the distance.

The study, conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Gumout, a fuel additive manufacturer, aimed to uncover how people are approaching their car maintenance despite not traveling as often as before and found nearly a quarter (23%) are comfortable driving to further destinations.

With public transportation taking a hit in usage, a majority of respondents (63%) have felt more reliant on their cars, and value their cars more, since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Sixty-one percent will simply get in their car and go for a drive — with no specific destination in mind.

Driving for the fun of it is just plain stress relief during these uncertain times, according to over two-thirds (68%) of drivers.

Four in five said they have confidence in maintaining their cars at home, as more than half (52%) of respondents said their cars are at risk of not running properly because it’s sitting idle more frequently.

And 62% have some sort of concern about their car’s performance whenever they take a trip.

“During these unusual times, the relationship people have with their vehicles has evolved and changed. This shift has encouraged people to care a little more about properly maintaining their cars from home,” said Rusty Waples, Global Group Brand Marketing Manager for Gumout at ITW Global Brands.

“Fuel additives are a great option for drivers to be able to properly care for critical engine parts in a really easy way. In general, they can help get more miles and years out of your car, and best of all can be easily incorporated into an at-home car maintenance routine.

“Carbon can be the enemy in your vehicle and many minor engine problems are caused by carbon deposits that build up and degrade engine performance and longevity,” added Waples. “For car maintenance newbies and seasoned experts alike, fuel additives are super easy to use.”

The survey revealed more than half (55%) of drivers have been worried about the health of their vehicles more now than ever before.

This concern has led to 57% of respondents spending more time taking care of their vehicles at home.

The study also uncovered that three in five worry they won’t be able to properly maintain their vehicles.

“This year has been challenging and many have found hitting the road in their vehicle to be a relatively safe way to relieve some stress,” added Waples. “We want to aid drivers in protecting and maintaining one of their most valued assets — their car.”



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