Nearly 50% of Americans wish they could enjoy flavors like pumpkin spice all year long

New research conducted by OnePoll, on behalf of The Honey Baked Ham Company, revealed fall is 32% of Americans favorite season. (Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash)

Why wait to devour a turkey on Thanksgiving? Many Americans believe their favorite fall dishes taste just as good outside the actual season.

A survey of 2,000 general population Americans asked whether seasonal foods, beverages, or activities should be enjoyed during their corresponding season or year-round — and found a person’s personality type could influence their timing preferences.

Half (52%) identify as seasonal lovers, and 54% of those respondents said they have Type A personalities, meaning they’re ambitious, impatient, and proactive. Two in three of them may also feel more FOMO than their peers.

On the other hand, 48% believe seasonal favorites should be enjoyed year-round, and 57% of them identify with a Type B personality — which means they’re more carefree, steady, non-confrontational, and relaxed.

Commissioned by The Honey Baked Ham Company and conducted by OnePoll, the study revealed no matter your personality type, the overall favorite season is fall (32%), with 69% saying this time of year has the best seasonal flavors.

Those in favor of having fall flavors available year-round said they indulge in pumpkin spice (43%) and peppermint (38%) all the time. Meanwhile, season-exclusive folks believe flavors like cinnamon (48%) and maple (30%) are better off in the fall.

Data further showed that people who want seasonal flavors year-round are serious about having their favorite flavors.

To enjoy them whenever they want, they would shave their heads (26%), go a month without the internet (25%) or give up social media for a month (24%).

And 74% of people who enjoy seasonal traditions year-round said they also enjoy doing fall activities outside of the actual season.

These activities include cooking seasonal foods (43%), spending time with family and friends (41%), and going to a pumpkin patch (29%).

“We were thrilled to discover that despite our different personalities, we all come together around a love for fall,” said Jo Ann Herold, chief marketing officer of The Honey Baked Ham Company.

“The flavors of the season have become part of family traditions. Pumpkin spice, in particular, continues to be paired with more savory foods like popcorn, pot pies, and even turkey — and that brings families more dinner options with their favorite fall flavors.”

Despite their personalities and flavor preferences during the year, people across the board agreed the best parts of fall are the changing colors of leaves (63%), seasonal smells (55%), and the cooler weather (54%).

Sixty-five percent agreed they get extremely excited when it’s sweater weather and can’t wait to dress in layers this fall.

Likewise, 63% believe fall has the best activities to enjoy during the season, and 61% believe pumpkin spice is an essential part of fall.

Seven in 10 said they were likely to try things they usually wouldn’t during the holidays, with 39% saying they’ve tried “weird” pumpkin spice products in the past.

Some respondents even recalled the strangest pumpkin-flavored things they’ve recently tried — such as beer, deodorant, soda, coffee and pasta sauce.

“It’s exciting to know people are willing to try new flavors, especially as we get closer to the holiday season,” added Herold. “We’re hoping people will want to enjoy new, exciting takes on this trend as part of their fall menu.”


Shave their head bald — 26%
Go a month without internet — 25%
Give up social media for one month — 24%
Give up their smartphone for a flip phone for a year — 24%
Give up vacation days- 23%
Take a pay cut- 21%
Give up showering for one week — 19%
Eat the same thing for lunch all season- 17%
Walk everywhere for a week — 13%
Go a year without celebrating holidays — 6%

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