Most popular excuses people have for not drinking enough water every day

4 min readSep 10, 2020


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More than half of adults in the United States don’t drink enough water — because they are too busy, forget or don’t track it.

A study of 2,000 people from the U.S. found just 22% drink the USDA recommended eight to 10 glasses a day.

Instead, the average American is drinking only half the recommended amount — consuming just five glasses a day.

When asked why they don’t drink enough water, more than three in 10 of those polled by evian admitted they don’t drink as much when they are “busy,” while almost a quarter (23%) “don’t remember.”

“It is easy to forget to make time for the things that are best for your own well-being. But staying hydrated — especially in the height of summer — is so simple, and so easy to do,” said New York based influencer with a passion for holistic nutrition, Bianca Valle, who is working with evian.

“Whether I’m running around New York, talking to clients or simply having a quiet day, I always make sure to have a bottle of water nearby. It’s a small thing, but it makes a huge difference to how I feel — which is more important than ever in a year like this.”

The study also found that in a bid to keep on top of consumption, 15% will track their water intake via an app, while 14% stick to good, old fashioned pen and paper and write down how much they drink.

It also emerged that disliking the taste could be among the reasons Americans aren’t topping up their water intake — as 43% prefer the taste of water from a bottle.

The research also found that despite Americans getting distracted and not drinking more water, they report a number of benefits on the days they do drink more.

Nearly half of respondents find they feel more refreshed on the days they have more H2O, while a quarter get a better night’s sleep.

And 44% will feel healthier for topping up their water intake.

However, many have spotted the negative consequences of not drinking enough, as a fifth claim to get headaches if this was the case.

The study, conducted via OnePoll, also examined the hydration habits of Americans as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Of those who have worked from home, more than a third said they had been drinking more water as a result.

Positively, this is one by-product of sheltering-in-place that Americans want to keep, with six in 10 saying drinking more water is a habit they’d like to continue in the future.

“We know that life can often get in the way, but staying properly hydrated is one way in which we can easily take care of our health and wellness,” said Kristie Leigh, RD at evian North America.

“Not only does it help us feel hydrated and refreshed, but it also has so many other benefits too: including feeling more alert and maintaining healthy skin.

“Times are especially tough at the moment and staying hydrated is a simple thing that we can all do to support our health and reap the associated benefits as a result.”

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