Kids are more tech-savvy than their parents by age 10

3 min readOct 23, 2020


According to a survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of VTech, 85% of parents surveyed are impressed by how quickly their child picks up new technology. (Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash)

Kids these days will be more tech-savvy than their parents by the time they’re 10 years old, according to new research.

The survey of 2,000 parents with children aged 3–12 found the average respondent believes their child will surpass their own tech skills by the time they’re in fourth grade.

And that might be extremely beneficial right now, as many school districts have moved to a distance-learning model for the 2020–21 school year.

With video lessons, online homework and virtual tests the norm for this year, the survey found 85% of parents surveyed are impressed by how quickly their child picks up new technology.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of VTech, the survey delved into the opportunities presented by technology, and the reasons why parents think it’s important for their child to be proficient.

Eighty-two percent of parents surveyed believe their child will have more opportunities than they did because they grew up with technology.

And 78% believe it’s important for children to be introduced to technology at a young age.

Results revealed kids are using tech at earlier and earlier ages: children aged 3–5 were first introduced to technology at age 2, while those aged 6–12 were first using it a year later.

The survey also found 88% of respondents believe it’s important for children to be proficient with tech — and that might be due in part to 87% believing technology will shape who their child becomes.

In addition to the 48% who believe technology with help further their child’s education, parents also believe it will help their children in a variety of career paths (47%).

“When kids are introduced to technology at an early age, they become more comfortable and familiar with it, making it easier for them to adapt,” said Andy Keimach, President, VTech Electronics North America. “Technology is an integral part of distance-learning, and with so many children learning from home this school year, it is more important than ever for kids to be fluent in technology.”

Respondents believed a proficiency with technology is also important for another — perhaps surprising — reason: 50% of those surveyed believe tech can help children find creative outlets.

Eighty-five percent think technology allows their child to be creative in new and different ways — and the same number believe outlets for creative self-expression are important for their child’s development.

“Another benefit to children’s familiarity with technology at an early age is it allows them to express themselves in creative ways,” continued Keimach. “From digital easels to smartwatches to our KidiZoom Creator Cam, a high-definition video camera kit that lets kids create video content, age-appropriate technology gives kids a creative outlet that can have a positive impact on their growth and development.”

The world is only going to become more technologically advanced (54%)
Technology can lead them to/support them in fostering creative outlets (50%)
As the globalization of the economy increases, tech skills will become even more important (49%)
It will help them further their education (48%)
It will help them in a variety of career paths (47%)

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