How your allergy symptoms make your FOMO worse

Recent research conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Flonase, reveals that people’s allergy symptoms are causing them to miss out on life’s enjoyments. (Photo by Brittany Colette on Unsplash)

We’re all familiar with the most common allergy symptoms — runny noses, itchy, watery eyes, and constant sneezing. Now, according to new research, another item can be added to the list: FOMO.

A new study of 2,000 Americans — that were both allergy sufferers and non-allergy sufferers — examined the biggest inhibitors of spring fun and saw allergy symptoms named as the most common buzzkill.

In fact, nearly half of the respondents (46 percent) claimed that they do not get excited about spring due to the onslaught of allergy symptoms.

Allergies take such a toll that people would even be willing to give up alcohol for a year, skip the final season of their favorite show or even work 10 extra hours a week to be symptom-free.

The survey, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Flonase, reveals that people’s allergy symptoms are causing them to miss out on life’s enjoyments, with two in three sufferers saying their symptoms hold them back from doing activities they love.

Surprisingly, 64 percent of allergy sufferers shared that they have avoided going outside altogether on a bad allergy day and more than half (52 percent) report that their allergies negatively affect their fitness routines. Overall, the average allergy sufferer misses out on five personal events a year due to their symptoms and one in five sufferers say their FOMO gets worse in the warmer weather months.

But fun isn’t the only thing being affected by seasonal allergies — it’s getting in the way of work, too. Almost all (98 percent) reported that allergies make them less productive at work and the average seasonal allergy sufferer misses out on about five work-related events a year due to their symptoms.

Kristen Casavale, Associate Brand Manager of Flonase said: “To avoid exacerbating their symptoms, sufferers often choose to avoid being outdoors, forcing them to miss out on spending time with friends and family.”

“Allergies can feel debilitating, but if managed correctly they should not keep sufferers from missing out on doing the things they love.

Seasonal allergy sufferers are tired of missing out on doing what they love because of uncomfortable symptoms. Unsurprisingly, 85 percent said they want to control their symptoms so they don’t miss out on things, but the lengths some would be willing to go are extreme — like giving up their preferred streaming service, chocolate, and even the last season of their favorite show to be symptom-free all year.

But there is a solution — 84 percent of sufferers said their allergies can be controlled by medications and other treatments, and 86 percent feel a noticeable difference in their quality of life when their symptoms are under control.


  1. Seasonal allergies 53%
  2. Unpredictable weather 50%
  3. Heat 44%
  4. Work schedule 42%
  5. Costs/money 41%


  1. Park hangouts 39%
  2. Picnics 39%
  3. Outdoor sports 35%
  4. Beach trips 34%
  5. Outdoor concerts 32%
  6. Bicycling 31%
  7. Camping trips 30%
  8. Outdoor weddings 27%


  1. Give up alcohol for a year
  2. Skip the final season of a popular show
  3. Give up chocolate for a year
  4. No streaming services for 6 months
  5. Work 10 more hours every week

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