Here’s how long your sex dry spell is probably going to last

4 min readApr 18, 2019
Research conducted by OnePoll on behalf of LELO, found the average length of a sex dry spell is 11 months. (Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash)

If you’re in the throes of a string of bad dates and an unlucky season for love, perhaps you’ll find comfort in knowing you aren’t alone: one in four Americans (28 percent) are currently experiencing a sexual dry spell, according to new research.

The length of the American ‘dry spell’ begins at around five months without sex, results of the new survey reveal.

Of those currently reporting themselves to be in a dry spell, the average drought has been running for 11 months, with American men dealing with a 10 month gap since their last time and American women dealing with a year without sex.

Americans have about four dry spells in their lifetime on average.

To put that into perspective — Americans would ideally like to have sex approximately three times a week, so 11 months is equal to about 132 missed opportunities.

The new study of 2,000 American adults’ sex habits has uncovered that the primary cause of dry spells is relationship trouble. Other causes include not being focused on sex (31 percent), long distance relationships (25 percent), and busy work schedules (24 percent).

The new survey, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of intimate lifestyle company LELO, found that the primary ways Americans make it through their dry spells are masturbation (46 percent), exercise (38 percent), and spending more time at work (25 percent). More than two out of three Americans (68 percent) have used sex toys to make it through a dry spell.

Nearly one in three Americans (31 percent) have slid into someone’s DMs during a dry spell — though that number jumps to nearly half (46 percent) when looking at just millennials. Nearly one in five (18 percent) have reached out to an ex in the midst of a dry spell.

Increased loneliness affects 41 percent of those dealing with dry spells, while other side effects include frustration (34 percent), and boredom (29 percent).

“Dry spells can entice you to explore your body and all the benefits of self-pleasure. Here sex toys can be beneficial to help you reach orgasms in ways not known before. And in getting to know yourself sky becomes the limit for better sex,” said Luka Matutinovic, Global Marketing Director for LELO.

That being said, dry spells aren’t all bad. More than one in four Americans (27 percent) reported coming out of a dry spell with a better understanding of their sense of self. Twenty-six percent reported enjoying more time with friends, and 25 percent saved money.

In fact, nearly half of Americans (49 percent) believe dry spells can be beneficial.

Two in five Americans reported having some of their best orgasms solo, with the use of a sex toy and not a partner, and 86 percent of sex toy users said their they decreased the negative impact of their dry spell.

“People masturbate for a variety of reasons, beyond the fact that it is pleasurable it can help with insomnia, boredom or sexual frustration. Masturbation is an important part of your personal relationship with your own sensuality and pleasure,” Luka Matutinovic from LELO stated. “So why not bring it to another level with a toy or two? You can explore and experiment with different sensations, each toy is a new adventure which will show you that even your dry spell can be the best time in your life.”


Not focused on sex 35%

Relationship trouble 30%

Medical reasons 25%


Relationship trouble 35%

Busy with work 31%

Long distance relationship 30%

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