Majority of Americans can only stick with healthy habits for 12 days until they give up

4 min readDec 17, 2020


New research conducted by One Poll on behalf of Goli found a derailed morning left 81% feeling ‘off’ all day without their usual routine. Photo by THE 5TH on Unsplash

Isolation has given Americans the chance to get creative when it comes to their first meal of the day.

A study of 2,000 respondents examined how the typical morning routine has changed in the last few months and found a third of participants have had to get creative for breakfast.

From apple crisp french toast to pancake wraps and fried eggs with carrots, Americans are using this time at home to come up with new early morning creations.

Some respondents have thankfully found some key activities that help to kick their day off right include stretching (28%) and showering first thing (44%).

But all is not rosy — 63% confessed that isolation has completely thrown their morning routine out of whack and two-thirds have struggled to find a consistent routine that works while home.

The survey, commissioned by Goli and conducted by OnePoll, found a derailed morning left 81% feeling ‘off’ all day without their usual routine.

Prior to social distancing, many Americans were well-versed in the art of the morning shortcut, which often led to unhealthy eating decisions.

Sometimes, the morning rush was so intense that solid foods didn’t even enter the breakfast equation at all.

The morning chaos caused respondents to take shortcuts, with 72% skipping part of their routine at least once a week.

The top shortcuts reported were skipping breakfast (50%), having ONLY coffee for breakfast (47%); and forgoing a hair wash (39%).

While shortcuts might save time in the morning, they can come with a cost to overall health and wellness.

And not surprisingly, when respondents made one early morning unhealthy decision, it often led to another. One in two survey respondents admitted that if they made an unhealthy choice early in the day, they were more likely to make another later on.

That’s not the only way respondents paid for those choices. One in two said that after making an unhealthy morning choice, they were uncomfortably hungry later in the day. Two in five (44%) felt tired as the day went on.

In an effort to make the morning more productive and to start things off on the right foot, 61% said they had tried to incorporate a healthy habit into their morning routine.

But of those who attempted to embrace a healthy morning routine, on average, it only lasted 12 days before it was phased out.

Michael Bitensky, President of Goli Nutrition, in response to the survey findings told us, “We saw a consistent message. People want to start each day in a healthier way. Yet, even with the best of intentions, respondents couldn’t keep their healthy morning habits going.”

“Our survey results have a strong, recurrent theme, revealing that mornings are extremely hectic. I think all of us who live busy lives can relate,” said Bitensky.

In fact, when respondents were asked to picture a dream start to their day, 45% longed for an extra 30 minutes to get ready, while 36% dreamed of breakfast ready and waiting at the kitchen table.

One-in-three said a dream start to the day would be 15 minutes of peace and quiet — with no talking after they wake up.

Bitensky continued, “Most people clearly want to start the day in a healthy way BUT — to succeed in meeting that goal — healthy habits need to be easy and convenient.”

The most common healthy tricks reported by respondents as their way to quick start the day were ingesting apple cider vinegar (ACV) (35%), lemon water (35%), green tea (32%) and activated charcoal (32%).

Speaking to apple cider vinegar’s popularity, “the benefits of ACV are well recognized,” Bitensky explained. “It has been shown that ACV may help with energy production; to control appetite; maintain good gut health and digestion, and support a healthy immune system.”.

He continued –“in 2019 we launched Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies — an innovative product aimed to create an easy and convenient way for everyone to incorporate ACV into their daily routine. Ultimately, as the survey results show — healthy behaviors are an important goal — but, they need help from easy-to-use products if they are to become part of our daily routine”.


  1. Skipping breakfast 50%
  2. Having coffee with no breakfast 47%
  3. Skipping washing your hair 39%
  4. Leaving home with wet hair 36%
  5. Not making lunch for later 35%
  6. Not brushing your teeth 29%
  7. Doing makeup during commute 25%
  8. Creating mismatch outfit 24%
  9. Wearing glasses instead of contacts 20%


  1. Hunger 50%
  2. Tiredness 43%
  3. Grumpiness 37%
  4. Digestion problems 36%
  5. Lack of focus 34%
  6. Bad breath 32%
  7. Headaches 31%
  8. Skin breakouts 25%




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