Americans suffering from body aches eager to find natural solutions

3 min readApr 16, 2021
According to a study commissioned by Premium Jane and conducted by OnePoll, nearly two-thirds (62%) said they get headaches often — suffering seven major headaches per month, on average. (Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash)

Thirty-nine percent of Americans will wake up and start their day with a headache, according to new research.

A survey of 2,000 general population Americans found nearly two-thirds (62%) said they get headaches often — suffering seven major headaches per month, on average.

Waking up in pain is more common than one might think. On average, people will wake up in some kind of ache or pain a dozen times per month.

And 10% of people surveyed report waking up with aches and pains on a daily basis.

Some of the most common types of aches and pain to wake up with comes from the back (64%), joints (47%) and overall stress (30%).

Stress in particular has an interesting relationship with Americans. Three out of five (61%) said they will get stressed out without even knowing the cause or realizing it’s happening.

Commissioned by Premium Jane and conducted by OnePoll, the study found 72% of people believe the past year played a major role in the stress they currently feel.

More than four out of five (83%) felt so stressed they lost a “significant” amount of sleep.

Almost too obviously, the pandemic was the most stress-inducing event of 2020 for 78% of respondents. However, being laid off or put on furlough (32%), political turmoil (29%) and panic-buying goods (28%) were also major origins of stress.

Extreme weather patterns and events accumulated for half of the stress: hurricanes (14%), wildfires (14%), the recent polar vortex (12%) and earthquakes (10%) account for 49% of the stress and anxiety Americans felt in 2020.

“Recent data indicates a concerning rise in stress among Americans,” said Premium Jane’s Founder, Jeff Yauck. “More concerning is the fact that these trends don’t seem to be easing any time soon.”

Half of Americans (49%) said traditional medicines haven’t been able to single-handedly resolve feelings of stress, aches and pains. Fifty-eight percent say it’s hard to find a product to help them.

This has been enough cause for seven in 10 to be more open to trying natural alternatives. People have tried sleeping more (55%), drinking more water (48%) and getting a massage (47%).

Half of the respondents (51%) said they have tried CBD to seek relief and 81% of those who have tried it said it had a tangible effect.

Of the other half of respondents (49%) who said they’ve never tried CBD before, 56% are hesitant to try it due to misconceptions about what CBD does.

A third (35%) are nervous about the effects it will have on their bodies, 21% question the legality of CBD and 17% don’t want to feel high.

“Many Americans are still having reservations about the tangible, real-life effects of CBD,” said Yauck. “Studies do exist that showcase CBD’s efficacy on everyday stresses and soreness; the problem is finding authentic products that tend to work.”

Back pain 64%
Joint pain 47%
Headaches 39%
Stress 30%
Anxiety 29%
Stomach pains 18%
Gut cramps 9%

The pandemic 78%
Extreme weather 49%
Being laid off or put on furlough 32%
Politics related turmoil and stress 29%
Panic buying/essential good shortages 28%

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