Americans believe their health is a “work in progress”

Eight in 10 Americans believe their health is a “work in progress,” and many have been taking steps to improve their lifestyle.

According to a new survey of 13,000 people in 24 countries — including 2,000 in the U.S. — this feeling isn’t unique to Americans.

Eighty-two percent of people globally felt the same (compared to 84% of Americans), and 89% of all respondents are currently taking steps to improve their health.

Of those, 81% said the pandemic helped kickstart them into doing so — and these steps are having a clear impact on respondents’ health.

Globally, 56% of respondents can now run or exercise longer without feeling winded, while 48% have gone down a size or a belt notch.

Unfortunately, Americans didn’t fare as well. A third (32%) said they’re now able to exercise longer without feeling tired, while only 29% said they’ve gone down a size or a belt notch during the pandemic.

Additionally, 53% of global respondents have more energy throughout the day than 29% of American respondents.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Herbalife Nutrition and the Council for Responsible Nutrition, the survey found the average respondent is currently working to break three unhealthy habits. Results delved into the specific small steps that respondents are taking to do so.

Respondents revealed they started their journey to be healthier by exercising more, cooking/eating more nutritious foods, or downloading a fitness app.

Purchasing less junk food, beginning to take walks during their lunch break, and taking vitamins or supplements were other “first steps” respondents took — or plan to take to support their health.

The survey delved further into vitamins and supplements and found them to be a priority for many respondents across the globe.

When asked about how their health goals have changed during the pandemic, half said they’re more focused on eating healthier, including supplementing their diet with vitamins and minerals.

And of those who currently take vitamins or supplements, results revealed the average respondent spends about $286 every year. Americans were slightly above that, at an average of $304 per year.

“Be it exercising, healthy cooking or including more vitamins and supplements to your routine, for many, the pandemic has provided an opportunity to improve health habits overall,” said Dr. Kent Bradley, chief health and nutrition officer at Herbalife Nutrition. “Consistency is key when one commits to a healthy lifestyle.”

But while many respondents plan to incorporate more vitamins and supplements into their diet, only 69% said they feel knowledgeable about the health benefits those can offer.

Thirty percent of respondents said they are most likely to get information about vitamins and supplements from internet searches, media, and social media, followed by consulting with their doctor (27%).

Regardless of where they currently get information, 77% would like to know more about the nutritional benefits of different vitamins and supplements to support their health.

“Being well informed about the proper use, as well as benefits of nutritional supplements, is critical as supplements can enhance every wellness journey,” said Brian Wommack, senior vice president of the Council for Responsible Nutrition.


  • Start exercising more
  • Start cooking/eating healthier foods
  • Download a fitness app
  • Stop purchasing as much junk food
  • Start taking walks during their lunch break
  • Begin taking vitamins/supplements
  • Start taking the stairs instead of elevators
  • Reevaluate their diet
  • Start a more regular sleep schedule
  • Download an app to help track what they eat


Global / U.S.

  • Can run or exercise longer without feeling winded 56% / 32%
  • Have more energy throughout the day 53% / 27%
  • Have fewer cravings for sugar/sweets 48% / 29%
  • Gone down a size/a notch on my belt 48% / 29%
  • Feel stronger/more in shape 47% / 21%
  • More likely to choose to participate in healthy activities 42% / 16%
  • Become more flexible 35% / 17%
  • Aches and pains went away 35% / 23%
  • Can lift more and for longer 34% / 20%

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