Americans are leveling up their home decor in 2021

A new survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Puffy finds that people really just want their homes to be cozy. (Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels)

Seven in 10 Americans are taking their decor game to a whole new level in 2021.

According to a new study, a full 55% of Americans made a significant change to their home decor in 2020 — and 71% also said that, after a 2020 during which they spent more time at home than ever, they’re planning to take the project to the next level in the new year.

Expect several trendy design features to take up residence in Americans’ homes this year, including smart furniture (34%), natural elements (31%) and colorful statement art (28%), which were among the most coveted interior features respondents want to incorporate in the new year.

Sustainable design (26%) and light-colored woods (26%) also featured prominently in respondents’ redesign plans.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Puffy with a panel of 2,000 nationally representative Americans, the survey also looked at the styles and items most key to creating respondents’ dream dwellings.

Top decor style shifts pursued by respondents in 2020 included making over a room in modern (35%), traditional (22%) and mid-century modern (12%) design styles.

Eclectic (9%) and minimalist (9%) styles also made an impression, and it’s likely these will continue to be popular in the new year.

The most common reason for the decor alterations, though, wasn’t purely the need for a change of scenery, and the changes were not purely cosmetic.

While a change of scenery was sorely needed for 11% of respondents, it wasn’t the top reason respondents reported changing up their interiors.

Nor was a desire to have a space that better served them for the new functions that their places of residence have taken on this crazy year (12%) — a challenge that anyone currently working from home can probably identify with.

Instead, craving a home with more luxurious items (28%) and creating a place that felt more like a sanctuary (25%) were actually the motivations respondents cited most often when asked why they wanted to change up their space.

Nearly four in 10 also said that Scandinavian design — known for its clean lines and cozy textures — was an influence in their home decor changes.

“It is only natural that many people are drawn toward Scandinavian design,” said Lisa Haude, the Founder and President of Design Firm PDG Studios, “as it tends to provide a sense of harmony and calm that is both livable and versatile, as well as practical and comfortable.”

Coziness is indeed a priority for many respondents, with 78% saying that when it comes to decor, coziness is more important than anything else.

And the interior revamps they already made in 2020 seem to have had the intended effect for 73% of respondents, who agreed with the statement, “My home is my sanctuary.”

When asked which items were most key to making their home their cozy dwelling space, respondents’ couches (27%) and beds (27%) were the clear frontrunners.

“It’s no surprise that simplicity, sustainability and technology are the standout focal points of 2021 home decor. We are seeing a significant shift in the mindset of decorators. There is now more emphasis on merging visual appeal with function and coziness — especially in the bedroom,” added Arthur Andreasyan, CEO of Puffy.

“More people than ever are investing in comfortable and supportive beds and bedding. We attribute this to the fact that creating a sanctuary that delivers comfort every day is critical for overall wellness and happiness.”

Smart furniture (34%)
Natural elements (31%)
Colorful statement art (28%)
Sustainable design (26%)
Light-colored woods (26%)
Grey color palettes. (21%)
Deep blue color palettes (20%)
Modern rustic fixtures (19%)
Polka dot print (17%)
Neutral color palettes (14%)

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